2nd Sep 2016, 1:56 PM On Absences

Hello again everyone! I realise I haven't been posting in a while, and that's mostly to do with this HUGE move that's consumed most of my time recently. I've recently moved in with my girlfriend, and now that we're finally situated (and have internet), DoS should be getting back to it's vaguely regular schedule. That being said, I'm currently bouncing around the idea of only aiming for one update a week rather than two, but for now I'm gonna keep shooting for that goal with more determination now that I've got my shit together! Look forward to the next page coming this Tuesday!

27th May 2016, 8:59 PM Hello World!

Well this seems a bit late for a hello message, but yet here we are. Hi, I'm Loek! Thanks for taking a look at my webcomic (which I assume you have since you're reading this, you sly dog). It does mean a lot to me. I wanted to take this brief moment I have your attention to talk a bit about Diviners of Solun.

This comic started off as a sort of headfirst dive into improving my art across the board, from composition to anatomy to color to yadda yadda. So it does really mean a lot when people are interested, because I didn't really expect much of it! So again, thank you.

I also want to address the uhhh... sporadic uploading schedule. Despite the posted blatant lie untruth about updating DoS tuesdays and fridays, which I do try to do, I'm often not able to make the cut. That's usually do to my life more often than not being a clusterfuck that involves me having to hop from place to place, so forgive me for that. A missed upload or two definitely doesn't mean I've abandoned the comic, as if that should happen (and lord I hope it doesn't) you would be made aware.

If you made it through this, thanks one last time for your attention and time. I hope you enjoy Diviners of Solun as much as I love to draw it!